Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pizza On The Grill

Who doesn't love pizza?  My family loves to create their own pizzas and calzones, but I had yet to try pizza on the grill.  I had heard many times how delicious and crunchy the crust is when you grill it, but had no idea how truly delicious it can be!

To start, I got all of my ingredients ready.  Once you put your dough on the grill, it literally only takes 3-4 minutes....so you don't want to look away or you may burn the crust!  I used homemade, but you can use store bought or your favorite pizzeria dough.  Roll out the number of individual pizzas you will be making....I did four. 

The crust starts to bubble up when it is ready to be taken off the grill.

Place the uncooked side of the pizza down on a plate or stone.  Add toppings to your pizza.  I usually use tomato paste, salt/pepper, oregano or other Italian seasonings, cheese, veggies (mushrooms, red pepper, onion, zucchini, tomatoes, olives, etc), fresh herbs.  Then put the pizza on the grill to cook the other side and melt the cheese.  Close the lid!

My boys like lots of cheese, so here are their pizzas.

Watch them closely so they don't burn!

These were amazing!  Grilling pizza is new for us and we LOVED it!

Give it a try!

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