Saturday, May 28, 2011

Margarita Cupcakes

So when I decided to make cupcakes for Bunco I found my self thinking back to the blueberry vodka and lemonade cupcakes I made for my friend Billie.  They were my best cupcake EVER.  So...with that in mind, I decided to use it to my advantage and make a lime cupcake, with lime curd and tequila frosting!  Let's just say it worked.  A few dared to say these were even better.  I just know they were fantastic!

If you want to make these, go for it!  Use the recipes from my Blueberry Vodka and Lemonade Cupcakes post and substitute lime for the lemon juice and zest.  When you cut out the center, brush the inside and top of the cupcake with margarita or tequila, and fill with lime curd.  Put the top back on, brush with more prepared margarita or tequila.  Put as much as you like on it!  Then, when you are making the buttercream frosting, omit the vanilla and heavy cream.  Substitute more prepared margarita.  I use as much as I can manage with the frosting still holding it's shape.

Here are the desserts I had out for Bunco.  YUM!

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