Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tulip Bouquets

Didn't these potted tulip cookies turn out cute?  I made these for the office ladies at the school for Administrative Professionals Day.  (Why can't we just call it Secretary's Day?  I had to actually google it to remember what it's called!  lol)

These would be great for Mother's Day!  I plan to put some on our table!  I'm actually toying with the idea of a cookie decorating business.  So if you need some for an event.  Let me know and I will see if I can help you out!  :)  Or you can make them yourself!  Here's how you do it:

Use your tulip cutter to cut out the cookies.  You will have to make sure the dough is thick enough to put the stick into it.  Then bake your cookies as usual.  Don't worry, it doesn't burn the sticks! 

To decorate use a thicker icing to outline, then thin out the icing and fill in the center by flooding the cookie outline.  

I got these cute pots at the dollar store.  I also bought the foam to stick the lollipop sicks into so the flowers would stand up, and some grass from the Easter section.  When I put the flowers into the foam, I was afraid that it would tip over so I hot glued the foam to the bottom of the pot (just enough to keep it from falling, so that the glue could easily be removed if they want to use the pots for something else).  Oh, and make sure you get the LONG lollipop sticks or your tulips will barely reach the top of the pot!  

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