Monday, May 24, 2010

Chicken Skewers and Brown Rice with Peppers and Green Beans

I was thinking about some kind of fun dish that the family would enjoy eating.  They are always good eaters, thankfully, but food served on a stick is just plain FUN.  I always have chicken breast in the freezer, so I took that out, cut it up into cubes and let it thaw on the counter.  I figured it would take less time to thaw if it was cut up (and I was right!). 

I googled chicken skewers to figure out something to do with it or a new way to flavor the chicken and found a great new blog.  She used a Paula Deen recipe and wrapped them in bacon, dipped them in brown sugar and put them in the oven.  For those of you who are local, you know how hot it was yesterday, so no oven for I'm not a bacon eater.  I was thinking prosciutto wrapped chicken, but was out of prosciutto!  Oh no!  So, I figured I would try it with Canadian bacon on the indoor griddle and see what happened. 

I started a pot of brown rice and found red, yellow and green peppers pre-sliced in the freezer.  Thank you Trader Joe's.  I put them in a bowl of hot water to defrost, and got started assembling my skewers.


Here are the defrosted meat cubes.  I drained the liquid and patted them dry with paper towels, and seasoned them with salt and pepper.

I also cut Canadian bacon into slices to wrap around the chicken.

I wrapped the Canadian bacon around three of the sides and skewered about seven pieces of chicken onto the sticks (alternating ham on either side).

They were ready for grilling!

I placed them on the hot griddle to cook. 

Once I flipped them and saw the meat caramelized, I knew I had a winner.  The ham and chicken together was just what I was hoping for.

As the chicken continued to cook, I drained the peppers and added them to a large skillet to dry out the excess water. 

I added the rice to the skillet and mixed it all together.  (Again, I have no idea why some of my pictures end up sideways when they load.  Sorry!)

I served the rice and peppers on a large platter with skewers on top.


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