Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cake for sale!

So for the first time my "cook from scratch" has opened a new door for me.  I made my favorite chocolate double layer cake with buttercream frosting and SOLD IT.  Yep.  How exciting.  Now I guess it is time to take a cake decorating course so I can make the outside goodness match the inside goodness. 

You all know I will NOT cook a cake out of a box.  Yes, it tastes "okay," but look at that ingredient list.  YUCK.  I'm all about yummy desserts and especially try a homemade cake and I swear you will love the difference.

I know I have a separate folder for cakes, but couldn't help documenting my first sale.  :)  It's exciting.  If you know someone who is getting birthday cakes once a month for an office for their "birthday club" keep me in mind.

Yay me!

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