Sunday, April 18, 2010

Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Egg, Spinach and Cheese on a Toasted Bagel...

After a trip to Costco and realizing I had more baby spinach left than I thought, I decided to use it up by sauteing.  It wilts down a lot, so if you think you have to much spinach in your pan, you are probably right on track.  If you have not tried fresh spinach, you are missing out!  I put the spinach in a wok (any large skillet is fine), add olive oil, salt & pepper, and a little ground nutmeg (you can leave this out if you choose).  I am always looking for new things to serve the kids for breakfast.  Luckily Nicholas (my oldest) is an excellent taste tester! 


This is an easy bagel sandwich and serves two.  Toast your bagel (I used whole wheat) and add your favorite cheese.  You could use whatever you have in the fridge, even cream cheese.  My son's favorite is munster.  Place the spinach on top of the cheese.  The point of putting the cheese down first is so that your bagel doesn't get soggy.  Then top it with a fried egg.  Just a note, when you are frying an egg, make sure and season it.  A little salt & pepper makes a differnce.  I use a season all salt and pepper for myself and the kids.  My husband likes to add red pepper flakes.  Try different seasonings.  You won't be disappointed.


This sandwich took about 5 minutes.  You really can have time to make a healthy breakfast for you and your kids.  Not as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal, but so much more satisfying!

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