Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grilled Maple Honey Mustard Chicken and Vegetable Quinoa

Bring out the barbecue!  Oh how I love to cook on the grill.  (I do admit that I HATE smelling like charcoal afterward, but the taste is so worth it!)  I cut up a whole chicken into pieces after my youngest son asked for chicken legs for dinner.  How can I resist those big brown eyes?

I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper and grilled the chicken on the grill.  As the smaller pieces cook, you move them to the outside so they don't over cook.  (I'm sure you know the grill scene, so I won't go into grilling detail.)  When I took the meat off the grill, I coated it with Maple Honey Mustard Sauce (except the legs and wings since the kids were having those and don't care for spicy). 

While the chicken was on the grill.  I cooked the quinoa.  I always use chicken broth instead of water for more flavor.  Once it was cooked I added olive oil and sauted veggies.  (I had leftover from the other night). 

Here is how that turned out.  I also threw some asparagus on the grill when I took  the chicken off of it.  Olive oil, salt and pepper are all the seasoning it needs!

This was dinner.  DELICIOUS!

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