Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes just sound yummy.  Am I right?  My youngest son would have pancakes everyday if I had the energy to make them daily.  When I saw canned pumpkin on the shelf at the store and remembered it being bare last year, I grabbed a large can and two small ones.  I opened one with a smile and tried a pumpkin latte recipe that was not a winner.  Then I turned to the pumpkin pancakes and WINNER!  These are great. 

You will also be surprised to know that even I have a box of bisquick on the back shelf for days like this.  It is a very easy recipe and I found it on the Betty Crocker website as Spicy Pumpkin Pancakes.  But if I call it that, the boys think it is "hot" spicy instead of cinnamon "spicy."  So to us there are plain pumpkin pancakes.  

It's that time of year!  So just give it a try.  The boys said it tasted like pumpkin pie!  The recipe also says you can make a maple-pecan syrup.  My boys are not fans of nuts, so we just slathered it in real maple syrup!

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