Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Party Ideas


I love making Halloween food.  The grosser the better!  But I do have young kids, so I have to keep it pretty mild.   We always have guests to go trick or treating with us, so I always do a scary dinner before we go trick or treating.  Here are some ideas for snacks and dinner.  I've had lots of people asking for suggestions, so here you go.  Pick the things you like and run with it!

Smashed potatoes with peas for the eyes make great ghosts!  You can slice and cook up some hot dogs in a skillet and they will make curly worms.  Serve them on a bun or as is, the kids love it!

Worms in the mud are an easy dessert.  I think anything with a gummy worm in it make a kid happy.  I think this is just chocolate pudding and mashed up chocolate teddy grahams layered in a clear plastic cup.

In the background you can see the "GuacaMoldy."  I forget what we named the salsa, but I'm sure you can think of something gross.

Don't forget simplicity.  A bunch of orange crackers on a black platter (throw in a mouse or rat) just looks Halloween.  The labels say "dead goldfish."  The labels make a difference too, I think.  You can have something normal and just give it a spooky label.

We also had dried cranberries labeled "scabs" and raisins labeled "rat droppings."

I love easy stuff like this.  Crackers with Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce over a block of cream cheese...yep, that's it.  Name it "Phlem Cheese" and it gets the  "eewwww" factor you are looking for.

I love caramel apples, but do NOT love it when a kid takes one bite and leaves the rest for the garbage.  My solution to this is to use an apple wedger to wedge the caramel apples.  The corer fits right over the stick, so no worries.

Like I said, sometimes the label does the work for you.  This is a pumpkin bundt cake labeled Petrified Pumpkin.

 I cannot have Halloween without popcorn balls!  I love them.  Make them orange and call them creepy cornballs and you are set!  I also do dipped pretzels and find holiday colored candy to go on the table. 

Don't throw out the pumpkin seeds when you are carving those jack-o-lanterns.  They make perfect "dried fingernails."  You can do them sweet or savory.  Salt and pepper on this one, but cinnamon and sugar on another.  Mmmmm...

I cannot pass up a cute jello mold.  Be sure to read the instructions for making molds.  It is different than regular jello.  You can spray the mold before filling if you are worried about the jello sticking.

Apple brie tartlets became witches teeth (due to the apple pieces being cut in shapes that looked like teeth).

Deviled eggs...which has a great name in itself were "blood shot eyeballs."

Sting cheese can easily be made into fingers.  Cut them in half, use a knife to make knuckle markings, and add a sliced almond as the nail (use cream cheese to attach them).

I have some new ideas for this year.  I try to do something new to surprise the kids.  The first year I made brains and eyeballs (spaghetti and meatballs).  Search the net and you will find tons of great ideas.  

Have a great party and don't eat to much candy!

Here is what the boys looked like last year.  Nicholas was Bakugan Dan and Marcus was Wolverine.

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