Thursday, October 21, 2010

Egg In A Basket

Breakfast for dinner is mine and the kids favorite of favorites.  My husband thinks it should be only eaten at breakfast.  Therefore, when he goes out of town, out with the guys or just wont be eating dinner with us for whatever reason, we have breakfast for dinner.  They have many requests, but this is by far the most requested.  (It is also requested by my breakfast time, of course.)

What is an egg in a basket?  It is a piece of bread with a hole cut out and an egg plopped in it.  That is it and it is delicious!  Do not throw away the circle of bread, that's the best part.  The boys like it to dip into the egg, but I like it with some jam on the side.  Whatever you decide to do with your toast, egg in a basket is a good way to go for an easy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Start by cutting out the holes of the bread and buttering both sides of the bread.  Heat your skillet to medium.  Add the bread to the skillet, then the egg, and season with salt and pepper.  (When I make this for my hubby, he likes red pepper flakes too.)

I put it on a large griddle pan so I can make them all at once.

No difficulty to this whatsoever!

Flip them when the egg is cooked the way you like them...we like medium over here.  Serve and enjoy!


  1. Oh yummy I want this right now :)

  2. I usually make these in a skillet on the stove, but I can see, if you have a big group the oven would be perfect. I usually top mine with a sprinkle of salt and fresh cracked ground pepper. A cup of hot coffee and you have my favorite Sunday breakfast.

  3. Leigh, anytime! Come on over!

    Foy, this is a large griddle pan so I can cook them on the stove top all at once. :) I agree, salt and pepper is all that is needed!

  4. Breakfast for dinner! That is what we had last night- and I am about to eat again. I like salt and pepper on my eggs, but when I make scrambled eggs I add the red topped Adobo seasoning!