Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coffee Ice Cream Affogato

Who doesn't love espresso?  I love coffee and I love ice cream, so what better way to enjoy them than together.  When I saw this recipe I couldn't help but try it!  And we were NOT disappointed!

If you have one of those fancy espresso makers use it, but I have this Bialetti Espresso Maker that works perfectly on the stove.  You can get one at a specialty cooking store.
Here is what you do:

Coffee Ice Cream Affogato
Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home Cookbook 

1 pint coffee gelato or ice cream (I used Bryers)
4 oz liqueur, such as sambuca, amaretto or Frangelico (optional) (I skipped this)
4 demitasse cups freshly brewed espresso

Just before serving, scoop gelato into four small bowls or large coffee cups.  Divide liqueur among four small glasses, if using; serve liqueur and espresso alongside each bowl for guests to pour over the gelato.

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