Thursday, December 23, 2010

White Russian Cake

I thought the perfect birthday cake for George would be a White Russian cake.  There is always Kahula at my parents house and ever since I can remember my step dad, George, has made White Russians.  YUMMY ones!

Here is what I did:

Bake your favorite white or yellow cake.  I chose white since the title says it all "WHITE Russian."  Instead of using vanilla, you can use kahula or vodka.

I love homemade butter cream frosting.  You can add whatever flavor to it and it will taste delicious.

 I added both vodka and Kahlua!

I also brushed the cakes with both vodka and kahula before putting on the layers.

You can add as much alcohol as you like.  It keeps the cake moist and adds a little more YUM.

I know what you are thinking:  "you gave alcohol to your kids?"  No, they got their own cakes.  Any alcohol you put into the batter burns off in the oven.  When I cut the tops of the layers off of the cakes to make them level, I used biscuit cutters to make small layer cakes for the kids.  I also made frosting WITHOUT alcohol to frost them.  So no worries people.

I even frosted theirs cute and put them on little appetizer plates.  Cute, huh?

They enjoyed them, and we enjoyed the White Russian Cake.  YUM!


  1. OH SO YUMMY!!! Your dad is a lucky man!

  2. Thanks Billie! I had you at Vodka, didn't I? :)