Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Breakfast

Well, this year I decided not to over do breakfast and dinner.  :)  I made the casserole ahead of time the night before and only had to put it into the oven.  The potatoes take no time to cut up and cook in the skillet.  And the biscotti I made a few days ahead (cranberry chip and pistachio cranberry).  Mimosas on the table, coffee in hand, we were good to go.  The casserole did take an hour and a half, so it is best to put it in the oven right when you wake.  (or wake before the kiddos)

Dipped in your coffee...these are just plain delicious.

The recipe for this casserole is on my blog.  It is made of english muffins, canadian bacon, eggs, cheese and milk.  Super easy!

Cut up the potatoes and throw them in the large skillet.  :)

I also put Cinnamon Plus in the coffee grounds when I brew them.  YUM.  Plain cinnamon is just as good.  Hope you had a great Christmas breakfast to start your day too!

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