Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Dinner

I love roasted turkey.  Why do I wait till Thanksgiving and Christmas to have turkey?  Maybe that should be on my list for 2011...more turkey!  For Christmas Dinner I roasted a turkey, brussel sprouts, made a new stuffing, smashed potatoes, rolls with cranberry butter, and homemade eggnog.  What a great dinner to share with my boys!

Look at this bird!  I used my roasting pan, brushed it with vegetable oil and added salt, pepper and Italian seasoning mix.  That is it.  Roasted for 3 1/2 hours (16 pounds!).  Once it starts browning you just tent some foil on it.  I did not baste it either.  Didn't need it.  Let it rest for a good 20  minutes before carving.

Brussel sprouts are EASY to make.  I just cut off a bit of the bottom, slice them in half, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt & pepper.

I really wanted to take a shortcut on the dressing.  I was sooo close to doing just that (thanks Tammy!).  I was on the phone with my friend Tammy, telling her I was gonna buy stove top or something so I didn't have to make it.  She was like, "really?  Are you serious?  Really?"  So of course, I made my own.  Geeze, try to take one shortcut and they think you're crazy!  :)  It was worth it though.  This stuffing had onion, celery, bread, parsley, rosemary, dried cherries and pecans.  YUM!

So my intentions were to make homemade rolls, but while I was talking to my husband (and not paying attention), I added to much liquid and ruined them.  So I just ran and got some dinner rolls.  But I did use the Honey Cranberry butter that I made.  It is amazing!  TRY IT.  You can also see my son's homemade eggnog in the background.  YUM.  He, however, was not a fan.  Ha!  More for me and my Captain.  Those are Yukon smashed potatoes.  I used Fage yogurt in them, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and butter with some seasonings.  Fage is a Greek yogurt.  You can sub it for sour cream anytime.

Here is the bird on the table.  Yes, it tasted as good as it looks!

Here are the brussel sprouts and dressing on the table.  WAY to much dressing, but yum.

Have you ever seen a bigger turkey leg for such small kids?  This cracked me up.  And believe it or not, they ate the entire leg!  BOTH OF THEM. I must have done something right for Christmas dinner.  :)  The gravy was my youngest son's favorite with the turkey.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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