Monday, September 6, 2010

Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Oh how I love ice cream!  Chocolate is my favorite and anyone who knows me knows I love Guinness.  So when I saw this recipe on the Full Time Foodie blog, I knew I would be making it!  And quick!  I printed the recipe right off of her site, and so it began.  She got the recipe from The Perfect Scoop by Dave Lebowitz. 

Lets get started!

Finely chop the chocolate and put at the bottom of a bowl and put a strainer on top of it.  I used these milk chocolate chips because the store I was at did not have the bars of chocolate.  I would have preferred the bars.  

Warm the milk sugar and salt in a medium sauce pan.

Separate and whisk together 4 egg yolks.

Pour the warm mixture over the egg yolks, stirring constantly.  

Pour mixture back into the sauce pan and heat on medium, stirring frequently.  Stir until it thickens and coats the back of the spatula.

Pour custard through the strainer and stir chocolate until melted.

Add the Guinness and Cream.  The recipe only calls for 3/4 DRINK THE REST. 

Transfer to an ice bath to cool the mixture.

I used my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.  I keep that round piece you see on the right in my deep freezer for just this occasion!  

The frozen piece goes inside of the machine, then you put the "mixer blade" inside of it.

Pour in the chocolate mixture and put on the lid.

Turn it on and let it do it's magic.  It takes about 25-30 minutes depending on how cool the mixture is to begin with.

Soft serve ready....

I put mine into 1 cup containers and put them in the freezer.  Wait till you see what I did with one of them!  I will post that at a later date!

I know you are thinking, "does it taste like Guinness?  Because I don't like beer."  No, it does not.  The stout adds a rich flavor to the chocolate.  If you love chocolate ice cream...give it a try!

Here is the link to the recipe:  Full Time Foodie Blog

As I previewed my blog, I started wondering if I could substitute Baileys for the cup of heavy cream.  I think I will give it a whirl and invite the girls over soon for a movie and ice cream!

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