Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homemade Peeps

I had an idea about making peeps ever since I made homemade marshmallows this winter.  I was thinking I would use a metal cookie cutter to cut out the marshmallows, but found a recipe that lets me pipe the marshmallow and make them another way.  I gave it a try, but you have to be quick or the marshmallow starts to get hard.  

I found the recipe at www.marthastewart.com and gave it a try.  

Get all of the ingredients out and ready.  You won't have time to do it once things get going.  The first batch I left the remaining marshmallow in the bowl and it hardened before I could finish.  The second time I filled three piping bags and it lasted a little longer.

Here is what it looks like piped in the sugar.  I used a spoon to complete cover it with the rest of the sugar.

I set them on parchment paper and waited for them to set up a little before adding the eyes and nose.  The recipe called for piping black royal icing, but I could only get it gray.  So I decided to use the black circles from Halloween sprinkles.  

I used a toothpick to poke where I wanted the eyes and nose and then put on the sprinkle.  Poking them made the toothpick sticky too, so that is what I used to get pick them up and put them on the faces.

Then I made yellow ones and attempted a peep chick....obviously unsuccessful.  lol

These are just so cute, I can't help but take a ton of pictures.  Can't wait to gobble them up with the kiddos.  Hope you enjoy your peeps!  You can buy them or make them, but it's just not Easter without them! 

Okay, last peep picture!  I promise!  To make your own go to:  www.marthastewart.com Easter Peeps.


  1. I think the bunnies would be a lot easier to make than the chicks. They are really cute, good job! Think I might attempt them for the grandkids, we have eight now and #9 due next month so it gets kind of expensive to buy store bought candy. These will probably taste better too and being made with love much better! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Now they even have peep cookie cutters, so you could make a sheet of them and cut them out. Be prepared for major sticky fingers! :) Good luck!

    2. I'm going to be making them today I'll let you know how they turned out. Thanks