Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homemade Corn Tortillas

I know what you are thinking...tortilla shells are cheap, why should I make them?  Well let me tell you why, BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME.  I am not usually a fan of a corn tortilla.  I usually go for the whole wheat ones.  I have a hard time finding them too because most tortillas have LARD in them and that totally grosses me out.  Take a look at the package next time...try finding one without lard.  There is a limited selection.

After hearing how easy it is to make my own, I gave it a try.  I bought some Maseca to make my own.  It was in the Mexican food isle.  I found it at Meijer, but I am sure most of the stores around here carry it.

Meijer also carries tortilla presses.  But the ones they carry are aluminum and everything I read said that if you want the press to last you should get a cast iron press.  So I searched and found one on amazon for a good price and couldn't wait for it to come to me so I could make my own tortillas.

So here is my press.  Ready to make some delicious tortillas!  Wait till you see how easy this is!

You combine the Maseca, water and salt in a bowl and divide it into portions.  The recipe is right on the bag.  This is the weird way I did it, but I'm sure any way you divide it will be fine.  lol

Make sure while you are working with each portion you cover the rest with a damp paper towel or kitchen towel.  

Cut three of the sides of a ziplock bag and open it to cover the press.  This keeps it from becoming a giant mess!

Fold over the plastic and then close the press and push the bar down to flatten it out.

It is the perfect tortilla!  Now it just has to be removed from the plastic and placed in a skillet to cook.

Cook on both side for about 50 seconds each.

Place in tortilla keeper to keep them nice and warm.

I also cut some of them up and sprayed them with canola oil and sprinkled with salt.  They were VERY crunchy.

The boys loved these.

This tortilla was delicious!  Soft and warm and perfect!  Give it a try.  I made turkey tacos, but you can make whatever your family's favorite is.  These would also be great for fajitas, breakfast burritos, I could go on...they are just so good!

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