Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rotisserie Chicken on the Grill

Found this draft on my recipe list that I never published!  Is that possible?  How did I not post my beautiful grill that I won?  Shameful!  Well, better late than never!  Here it is:

Doesn't it just look amazing on my deck?  Yes, it does!  Thank you a million times to Recipe Girl for having an amazing contest, which is how I became the lucky winner of this $1300 grill!  I still can't believe I won.  It is absolutely AMAZING!  Notice the searing burner, large grilling area, and of course an additional small grilling area, AND rotisserie!  Oh wait, you have to see the side party wagon...

I really do need to take pictures of the inside!  That bottom right door is the refrigerator.  The one on the left is the trash can.  To the left of that is the bottle opener and the little holder to catch the tops.  :)  Oh did I mention the GRANITE counter?  There is also a cutting board there that can be removed and a glass hinged door that goes in its place, where you put ice and drinks into a deep stainless steel well. 

So I am all excited to cook on my new grill after a trip to Ace Hardware (who have the worst customer service...both phone and face to face) to get the tank.  I come home to a phone call from the hubby that he will be late because he went golfing and the kiddos want hot dogs and hamburgers.  What?  On THIS grill?  Uh, okay.  So here is the first meal cooked....but I did throw a couple steaks on there!  I had to!

Look how shiny that stainless steel is....ooooo baby!  (Yes, I know I'm getting all excited over a grill.  It is awesome!  It was FREE!  I won it!  You will have to live with my excitement for the rest of this post!)

Finally, on to the rotisserie chicken!

It was very easy to get the grill set up.  Take out the warming grate on the larger side and plug in the rotisserie motor.  Here is the rotisserie spit and forks.

Here is Mr Chicken all lubed up and ready to get on the forks!  YUM!  I used Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and olive oil.  I wasn't sure if I could fill the cavity like I do when I roast chicken with lemon and thyme, so I didn't add anything to it but salt and pepper.  Next time I'm going to fill it up!

It wasn't hard to figure out how to get him on the spit, but I didn't know how to keep the wings from sticking out so I tied him up with some kitchen twine and did the same for the legs.

Got him on the grill without an issue.  Placed a sheet pan under to catch the drippings.

I can't resist...isn't it awesome!

I was not sure about cooking time, so I checked it after 35 minutes...nope  not ready yet.  Will look in 30 more!

Looking good!

And ready to take off the grill!

My first try turned out pretty good!  45 minutes without preheating the grill.  So next time I preheat and add more flavor!!!!

Give it a try on your rotisserie!  :)  Or come over and share mine!


  1. Is it big enough to do a big standing rib roast? The chicken looks yummy- think I need to grill with this wonderful warm weather!

  2. Very nice grill, lucky you, awesome that you won it.

  3. Billie, It's a beast! I can cook about anything on this baby!

    Thanks "Stair Climbing" it is awesome!