Monday, February 14, 2011

Conversation Heart Cookies for Valentine's Day

Are these not the cutest Valentine's Day cookies ever?  I saw a few versions online and decided on these for the boys' Valentine parties at school.  I LOVE baking.  I have wanted to decorate cookies forever, but was afraid it would be to difficult and they wouldn't turn out well.  I proved myself wrong.  The kids were so excited to take them and I think they turned out great.  Not bad for a first try, if I don't say so myself.   :)

I got the recipes for the sugar cookies and icing from a great blog called Annie's Eats.  She has amazing goodies on there all the time.  I used her recipes for:  "Ella's White Sugar Cookies" and "Royal Icing." You can find the recipes on her website by following the link above.

Here is what I did:


Make the dough and shape into disks.  Place in the refrigerator until firm.  Roll out and cut out heat shapes.  I used a scalloped cutter.

 Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Do not brown them.  Let cool on a baking sheet.  Prepare the icing to outline the cookies.

Outline the cookies with the icing.  I left room on the edges so you can see the scalloped edges.

Thin the icing and put into a small squeeze bottle to make it easier to flood the cookies.

Squeeze the thinned icing into the center of the outline.  Use a toothpick or the bottle tip to move the icing around.  You can also gently shake the cookie to make sure it is evenly coated.

Put them somewhere and let them dry completely.  I used the cooling rack.

Here is another shot of the other colors that I did.

Be sure to let them dry completely before trying to write on them or you will have a mess.  Luckily all my cookies turned out.  NO ISSUES!  That is a first!  :) 

Write the regular conversation hearts messages or make your own!  :) 

I tied to make them Kid appropriate since they were going to school.  My husband and I questioned the KISS ME ones.  But you can't have conversation hearts without a couple KISS MEs!  :) 

I sealed them individually and put a label on the back from the boys.




  1. Me too. I'm already thinking of St Patty's Day and what I can make. lol