Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zoku Ice Pops

Do you have a Zoku ice pop maker?  You can make at least 9 ice pops with just one freeze.  Each 3 pack only needs about 10-12 minutes to get completely frozen.  Then you just pop them out with the little orange tool.  I did learn the hard way that you need to use liquid.  I tried to do a thick smoothie consistency and that was a disaster.  It got stuck and then we had to wait for it to thaw which took forever.  Then another overnight freeze.  BUT today we were successful. 

So when we finally got our ice pops...

...they were all smiles and had to try both types!

There are all kinds of recipes on the website and there is also a book you can buy.  We have the book and the boys are eager to try some of the fancier kinds like s'mores and pumpkin pie.  I can't wait to try the mojito pops.

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